Annual Fees

The annual CAA membership fee per company is $400, plus $200 for each aircraft. So for one aircraft the total cost is $600 per year.  For 2 aircraft the cost is $800 per year ($400+$200+$200)

If you are a qualifying Management Company, your membership fee is $600.00 per aircraft. The $400.00 company fee is waived.

If you are a qualifying Aircraft Sales Broker your membership fee minimum is $1,000. Company fee plus 3 aircraft fees ($400+$200+$200+$200) you can add more aircraft if needed.


The above fees are waived during the Free 6-Month Trial Membership period.

Note:  CAA is strictly member funded and unlike other fuel programs we make no money from your purchases. We receive no revenue from FBOs or companies with which we have a partnership. We want our members to save as much as possible and our CAA Preferred FBOs to make a reasonable profit, so we take no money other than membership fees.