New CAA Member Benefit Coming in 2Q 2017

CAA/World Fuel Services International Fuel Pricing Program (CAA Members only)

Some Facts about World Fuel Services

World Fuel Services Corporation (NYSE: INT) is a Fortune 100 Company providing aviation, marine and land energy, logistics, and technology solutions to customers and suppliers around the world. Their global team of local professionals delivers innovative products and services at more than 8,000 global locations.

With 3,000+ service locations, World Fuel Services provides one of the largest contract fueling networks available. Their dedicated CAA member global fuel logistics teams are ready to serve CAA fuel program members 24/7. 

Need International Trip Planning Services? World Fuel can provide for all your ITPS needs at special CAA member-only rates.

You can also manage all your aviation fuel and services purchases with the convenience of an AVCARD charge card.

AVCARD is accepted at 7,600 global locations. With AVCARD, you can make direct payments for aviation-related transactions and pay no annual fees. Purchase everything you need for your operations, from MRO to flight training. CAA has arranged for longer payment cycle terms for CAA members with good credit.

Did I mention that as a CAA member you get Triple Flybuy Rewards on all INTERNATIONAL FUEL PURCHASES?

Stay tuned for more information on how to take advantage of this new program.