CAA Founders

Corporate Aircraft Association (CAA) would not exist were it not for its Founding Members. The CAA wishes to express its appreciation for the foresight, determination and hard work of the following individuals:

David Brown, USF&G
Lee Davis, General Electric Corp.
Jeanene Day, Frito-Lay, Inc.
Fred Fitts, Global Charter Association
James Hollenbeck, ConAgra, Inc.
William Jardine, Northeast Airways, Inc.
Glenn Jones, Steelcase, Inc.
Rod Kauber, Mutual of Omaha
Larry Knox, Kerr McGee Corp.
Mark LaFever, Avjet Corp.
Sue McGee, Learjet, Inc.
Ronn Nelson, Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance
Richard Severson, Honeywell, Inc.
Jim West, Eli Lilly & Co.