Rules governing FBO bids to CAA

1. CAA’s policy is not to solicit bids from FBOs. FBOs interested in bidding should fill out the electronic Interested FBO form on our website. CAA does not notify a bidders competitor on the airport when they submit a bid. FBOs must contact CAA if they want to submit a bid or a competing bid. If a CAA FBO cancels their contract before its expiration or the FBO is sold and the acquiring owner does not want to assume the contract, or CAA decides not to grant the new owner permission to assume the contract, then CAA may solicit bids from other FBOs on the airport. If a new FBO is within 90 days of opening and submits an interested FBO form to CAA, then any subsequent interested bidders from the same airport must wait until the first interested bidder opens for business before bids will be accepted for that airport.

2. All bids must be submitted online on CAAs website. Bid must be accompanied by a copy of your latest distributor’s invoice. The price on this invoice should be used to determine the CAA price. The CAA price must be at least $0.10 below the price of any other fuel program offered to Part 91 Aircraft at your FBO. The CAA Price is out the door. No additions allowed other than State Gross receipts tax if applicable. It is also required that a complete breakdown be provided, on a separate sheet, showing itemized taxes and fees whether or not included in the invoice, to derive the total cost of a gallon of fuel. Then add the into-plane fee for the 1-500 gal range to arrive at the CAA price. Use your own format. We do not need the calculation for all the other ranges.

 3. Many CAA preferred FBOs waive ramp fees for CAA members. While this is not a policy, we DO require that you provide a detailed fee schedule of all your fees, ramp fees and other fees, at the time of your bid if you plan on charging any fees to CAA members. The fees on your fee schedule will be effective for the duration of your contract.

4. Bids are due on the 15th of every month, by midnight CST. If a current CAA Preferred FBO is bidding for renewal, that bid will be due on the 15th of the month prior to the expiration month. Example: if the current CAA preferred FBO has a contract expiration date of 12/31/2017, then the bid will be due on 11/15/2017. All competing FBOs will have the same due date. 

 5. All interested competitors must fill out an INTERESTED FBO FORM  in order to receive notification from CAA when it is time to bid. 

 6. If an FBO is located at an airport which does NOT currently have a CAA preferred FBO, They can submit a bid anytime. If we receive the bid on or before the 15th of the month, then that bid will go out to the members for voting on the following 1st. Example: If an FBO submits a bid on or before 11/15/2017, then they will be included in the 12/1/2017 vote. If it is received AFTER 11/15/2017, then it will be included in the 1/1/2018 vote. 

7. Bids will officially close at midnight on the 15th of each month. We coordinate bids so that all bidding FBOs at an airport are using a current cost price so that our voting Fuel Program Members are comparing apples to apples. Once the bidding time given has passed or the bid has been sent to members for a vote, CAA will not accept any new bids for the airport.

8. CAA members have seven days to vote on all new and competitive bids. All member’s votes are recorded electronically online. Fuel Program Members are required to log in to vote, this is required to ensure members only vote once. We ask that only members who go to the airport or plan to go to the airport vote, however we do not prevent other members from voting if they choose to vote. Once all the yes and no votes are counted a final determination is made. All bidding FBOs will be notified of the final results. Bidding FBOs will be given the percentage of the vote each bidding FBO received. The FBO with the highest percentage of the vote will be awarded a three year contract.

9. These rules are for one reason, to make the process as fair and transparent as possible.

10. In the event of a tie vote, the incumbent CAA FBO will automatically be declared the winner. When there is no incumbent the CAA Board of Directors will vote to determine the winner. 

11. All CAA FBO contracts are 3 years in duration. CAA reserves the right to add to the term in special circumstances. If an FBO cancels the CAA contract to the detriment of CAA during the term of the contract, that FBO will not be allowed to bid at that airport for three years. In the case of renewals, the following applies: If there are no competing bids, and the renewing FBO responds that they want to renew their contract for another 3 years, and they do not change their pricing (except to lower the price) then the renewal will be automatic. No voting by members will be required. If the FBO raises their into-plane rates or raises or adds Ramp/Facility fees or any other fee then they will be required to submit a new bid and members will be required to vote.

12. CAA FBOs qualifying for automatic renewal in accordance with item 7 above may renew up to 30 days early at their option. No renewals earlier than 30 days in advance will be allowed.  An auto renewal will only be allowed if all of the following criteria are met:

  1. There is not a competitor on the the same airport field who has submitted an interested FBO form.
  2. The fuel into-plane fee must be no more than $.50 higher than the state or regional average.
  3. No increase in the fee schedule previously submitted.  If a fee schedule is not on file with CAA, the FBO must go to vote with a new fee schedule attached/  Fee (ramp, facility, parking, overnight, etc.) and the fuel into-palne fees are frozen for the duration of the contract.
  4. The president of CAA must approve of any auto-renewal.

13. CAA Preferred FBOs will be notified automatically by email 30 days prior to their expiration date that it is time to submit a renewal bid. Please be advised that CAA is not required to notify a renewing FBO that there is a competitor bidding at their airport. It is the responsibility of the renewing FBO to ask CAA. CAA will not withold the information, but it is the renewing FBOs responsibility to ask.