What is a CAA Preferred FBO?

The CAA - CAA Preferred FBO Relationship. A Win-Win Partnership!!

A CAA Preferred FBO is a combination of good service and fair pricing provided to our members by some of the most qualified personnel and FBO Management in our business. CAA Fuel Program Members choose the FBOs they would like to become CAA Preferred FBOs. Any CAA Fuel Program Member can encourage an FBO to apply. An FBO applicant completes an online application and the vital information is sent to each CAA Fuel Program Member for their review. The Fuel Program Member companies that frequent the airport where the FBO is located then vote YES or NO on the question, “Do you want this FBO in our program?” An FBO applicant must receive a minimum of 35 net YES votes to be named a CAA Preferred FBO. A successful FBO is then tendered a three year exclusive contract at their airport. CAA only allows one CAA Preferred FBO at an airport.

We tell prospective FBO’s that CAA Fuel Program Members vote with their credit cards. Our FBOs will tell you of the quality of the CAA Membership as well as their loyalty to the program. In essence, CAA and the CAA Preferred FBOs are partners working together for their mutual benefit. It has worked well for over twenty-five years.

The bottom line is this - You simply won’t go wrong anytime you visit a CAA Preferred FBO.

They are SPECIAL. Just ask any of our more than 6,000 member companies.

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For more information about becoming a CAA FBO, visit our website and click on our Interested FBO Form or call 775-626-9500.